In late 2011, the Interuniversity Headquarters Alajuela began the construction of the laboratories of Physics, Electrical and thermal fluids, Ergonomics, Robotics, Metrology and Chemistry. Currently, the infrastructure is finished, and we keep equipping the labs. Industrial Engineering has two specialized laboratories with high-tech equipment; these are the Robotics and Metrology Laboratory.


Furthermore, the School in Rodrigo Facio Headquarters has the Applications Lab of Industrial Engineering (LAINII). These labs aim to give a service of a specialized lab in order to teach those courses that need tools of office automation or specialized equipment.

We have equipment for practical laboratory courses such as Work Design and Human Factors Engineering, Metrology and Normalization; also, the service of book lending.


Rules for the Use of Laboratory

This laboratory can be used exclusively for courses from the School of Industrial Engineering and for our students. 






Substantially Equivalent Major (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board- CEAB)


Important Dates
II Term, 2014  
August 11 to November 29
Final Exams
December 1 to 13

Preregistration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 9 & 10

Registration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 15 to 17

Summer Term III- 2014
January 5, 2015 - February 28, 2015

Grade for admission -2014:

Rodrigo Facio HQ:645.48
West HQ: 604.51
Alajuela InteruniversityHQ:577.24


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