Admission requirements for the Postgraduate Program


Admission requirements for the Postgraduate Program
Applicants interested on admission must have at least the bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or related professional disciplines.

Request an admission form at SEP (Sistema de Estudios de Posgrado), adjacent to Biblioteca Luis Demetrio Tinoco, or get it at SEP’s website.

The admission form and requested documents should be delivered at the SEP in the due date (consult it at the secretary office).

An interview with the members of the Comisión del Programa de Posgrado en Ingeniería Industrial (Committee of the Postgraduate Program in Industrial Engineering).

Results of the interview and requested documents will decide the committee’s approval.
Three letters of reference or recommendation, where at least 2 of them are professors at the University where the applicant completed his/her studies.

In this case, the form teachers must fill can be accessed on the SEP’s website and sent via email, or it can be purchased at the offices of the SEP.

A handwritten letter explaining the reasons for wishing to study in the System of Postgraduate Studies of the University of Costa Rica, which it indicates areas of interest in his/her studies and future career plans.

Curriculum Vitae.

Published works (if possible)

Three passport size photographs.



Substantially Equivalent Major (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board- CEAB)


Important Dates
II Term, 2014  
August 11 to November 29
Final Exams
December 1 to 13

Preregistration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 9 & 10

Registration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 15 to 17

Summer Term III- 2014
January 5, 2015 - February 28, 2015

Grade for admission -2014:

Rodrigo Facio HQ:645.48
West HQ: 604.51
Alajuela InteruniversityHQ:577.24


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