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Curriculum review: Since 2009, the School of Industrial Engineering started to implement its new education program. This comprehensive curricula review allowed the establishment of a new profile based on skills, update of the field of knowledge of the major, and review of the teaching- learning strategies of the courses.

Accreditation: Since 2000, the degree program in Industrial Engineering from the University of Costa Rica is recognized as substantially equivalent by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Being awarded as substantially equivalent means that the Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Costa Rica is comparable, in terms of content and educational experience, to other accredited programs by the CEAB. Beginning 2009, the degree in Industrial Engineering from the West Headquarters became the first decentralized program to get an international recognition.

Innovation and entrepreneurship: As a strategy to promote the entrepreneurship, the School of Industrial Engineering has developed a project to encourage and inform professors and students about the subject. Besides including this in the curriculum, in 2010, the first thesis focused on building a company was presented.

English and Mathematics: Together with the curriculum, students are offered supplementary courses in Math and English. In Mathematics, the project has resulted in a substantial improvement in the passing rate of Calculus I course.  

Social Work

It is one of the most important activities of the University of Costa Rica. A permanent exchange network is established through social work projects in which university resources can be used to improve the quality of life of the country. This interaction allows students to build knowledge, understand the needs and demands of the community, and enrich their own lives and the university life, as well.

The School of Industrial Engineering develops social work projects to achieve its strategic objective: to develop an ongoing program of external linkage and social work that seeks to contribute the sustainable human development of the country.


Research projects currently promoted by the School of Industrial Engineering

-Mathematical basis: It is fundamental in the performance of an Industrial Engineering

To develop a math program that strengthens the cognitive bases in mathematics of freshmen in order to approve the Calculus courses without repeating them.

-Computing environment:  It contributes in the academic performance of students of Industrial Engineering courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.

To create a platform for virtual services to present mathematics courses in the curriculum of Industrial Engineering. By applying the computing environments to the teaching-learning processes of any course, we will analyze the improvement of the academic performance of the students that use and don’t use the platform.

-Development and implementation of a Quality Management System in the Administrative Offices of Research.

To implement a Quality Management System in each of the offices by following the legal framework, policies and regulations of the University of Costa Rica in order to improve the services that allow us to achieve the user satisfaction.

- Study of the development of graduate industrial engineers from the University of Costa Rica.

To establish a professional development of the industrial engineers graduated from the University of Costa Rica throughout their professional lives.

- Design and implementation of the Observatory of Industrial Engineering.

To provide relevant information to the researchers, especially those from the School of Industrial Engineering, to get a tool for decision making and strategic planning of actions that may help the development of the field in Industrial Engineering of the country in areas such as education, scientific and applied research, teaching, social work, job market and knowledge production.


Substantially Equivalent Major (Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board- CEAB)


Important Dates
II Term, 2014  
August 11 to November 29
Final Exams
December 1 to 13

Preregistration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 9 & 10

Registration III-2014 (Summer Term)
December 15 to 17

Summer Term III- 2014
January 5, 2015 - February 28, 2015

Grade for admission -2014:

Rodrigo Facio HQ:645.48
West HQ: 604.51
Alajuela InteruniversityHQ:577.24


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